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Welcome to Bishop Climate Ministries - The most powerful healing & deliverance ministry in the world today!

God has confirmed Bishop Climate with a worldwide ministry through powerful signs and wonders. With a powerful anointing of healing, prophecy, and prosperity; God has enabled him with a special mandate to set the captives free.

Throughout the years, powerful miracles have been witnessed and testified of which God has wrought through the hands of Bishop Climate. These include restoration of hearing & sight, people being raised from the dead, disappearance of cancerous growths, recovery from mental sickness, and instant healing of people diagnosed with AIDS and TB.

With many diverse services held throughout the week, thousands are being set free from bondage of marriage failure, financial failure, and demonic attacks including witchcraft.
Discover one of the most Powerful Deliverance Ministries in the world today. Your Freedom is Waiting!

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Miracle Testimonies

After Anointing Of Hands Service I found favour!
"Since Friday's anointing of hands service myself and my daughter was doing evangelism and had a great day together. Afterwards we went to a restaurant and sat down and the owner of the restaurant ... read more

My Miracle Pack Healing
"My sister was in the hospital it was very serious she was in and out. I bought the miracle Pack I took out the anointing oil and bought it to the hospital, my sister could Barely swallow and eat b ... read more

Instant Job Favour!

"I thank God for the miracle job I have received! I had been applying for a job and I was assessed throughout my induction and was given the job just like that! I thank God for t ... read more


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